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Never stop trying.

A young girl participated in cecovision song contest, one of the global singing competitions. She failed the competition and was heartbroken. She participated in the competition again and she failed the second time. She was very sad. “I can’t sing. I don’t know why I’m not talented. I’m a failure”, […]

Sharpen your skills

A very strong woodcutter was employed in a timber merchant. His pay was really good and he was very glad to work in the timber merchant. He was very determined to do his best. The first day at work, he brought down twenty trees. His boss was so proud of […]

Keep your dreams alive

No dream is too big when one works hard to live it. A teacher was teaching her students. She was asking them what they would want to be in future. “Hugh stand” (the teacher pointed at Hugh). “What do you want to be in future?”, She asked. “Ma, I want […]